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** Pardon our dust as we cultivate the website **

Agricultural Tool Rental and Service Center

To have a robust local food system we must support local producers




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Access the right farming equipment


Plan your project

What tasks to you need to do this season? What equipment would make it easier?


Check out our equipment

We have a growing inventory of rental equipment that is built for farm work


Rent it

Reach out to us for availability, tips and more

** automated booking coming soon**

Farmers, ranchers and landowners

Tractor Services

Project Consulting

Farm Infrastructure

Implement Soil Health Building Practices

What People Say About Us 

"The tool library has allowed Grama Grass to increase our regenerative farming practices while saving money. Having access to tools that we'd only use occasionally ensures that we dont have to buy said equipment just for the one task. It also allows us to do that task, which maybe we wouldn't have done if we had to buy the equipment."

- Andy Breiter - Grama Grass and Livestock


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