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Our Story

The Tool Library LLC was founded to reduce the 'buy then try' equipment burden that farmers and ranchers face

About Us

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The burden of equipment access has been a topic of agricultural conversations countless times, from the field to the grange halls and beyond. The Tool Library is a sprout that comes from community events held by MadAg and during Flatirons Farmers Coalition and Rocky Mountain Farmers meetings. How do we get farmers and ranchers affordable access to the right equipment and training? Can we remove the burden of ownership so they can use what they need when they need it?

To have local food, we must have many robust local farms and ranches, supporting them grow is our mission. With the help of our community we hope to find the answers for what is needed in Boulder County and create a model for other communities. 

Support our mission by renting equipment, hiring our services or if you can, making a financial donation! 

- Keep on growing

Kris Korba - Founder

Mission and Vision

2023 Report

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